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Done-For-You Sales Funnels

We Build High-Converting Sales Funnels

We created Luxvoni for entrepreneurs just like you, who know they need a sales funnel to scale their product or service-based business but have accepted the fact that they’re not funnel strategist, programmers, media buyers, copywriters, or designers and would rather leave it up to the professionals.

Unfortunately in 2023, websites are dead. That’s the bad news, but the good news is just like Netflix replaced blockbusters when they died, the websites have been replaced by the sales funnel, and let me tell you, these sales funnels out convert traditional websites by 300 - 800%.

Done-For-You Social-Media Advertising

We place your Funnel in In-front Of Your Ideal Customers Through Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok ads are massive sources of opportunity for any product or service-based business. We help our clients leverage these cutting-edge platforms and the AI within them to reach their ideal customers and convert those ideal customers into profitable revenue.

We’ve worked with 400+ product and service-based businesses, from local businesses spending $2,500 a month, to large E-commerse brands spending over $5,000,000 a month, no matter the spend, we generate our clients 2x-4x returns on every dollar spent.

Done-For-You Google & YouTube Ads

We Place Your Funnel In Front Of Customers Who Are Searching For You

Google search, display, and youtube ads have always been the most effective and profitable forms of online advertising, however, unlike social media ads, they’re much more complex and require an experienced professional to launch, manage and scale.

Google traffic is intent-based, meaning people are actively searching for you, and very few brands know how to rank on the first page of google for every related keyword term and retarget all their website visits with Youtube ads and display ads. (We used a google search ad to get you to this page right now, it clearly works right?)

Done-For-You Conversion Rate Optimization

We Optimize Your Funnel Based On Data, Not Theory.

it’s no longer 2005. Competition has gotten stronger, and as a result, ad costs have increased dramatically. The only way to succeed in today’s marketing landscape is to accept the fact that every sale funnel and traffic source requires ongoing optimization. (A set it and forget it model doesn’t exist)

In order to scale your product or service-based business online, you need certainty and clarity and the only way to do that is by making decisions based on facts, data, and real-time feedback, not theory, assumptions, or a gut feeling.

Client Case Studies

Client Case Study

Tai Lopez

Our Team helped Tai Lopez raise over $200,000,000 in OPM through a cap raise sales to funnel and paid traffic. This cap raise allowed Tai Lopez to acquire Bodybuilding.com, radio shack, pier one, and dress barn.

#1 affiliate marketer in the world

We Crafted an irresistible offer and pitch deck

We built a high-coverting cap raise funnel

we ran paid traffic profitably

we converted those leads into $200M

team member: Jonathon kendall

Client Case Study

Safe Life Defense

Our team helped take Safe Life Defense from $9,000,000 in annual revenue to over $52,000,000 in annual revenue in 12 months via e-commerce sales funnels, paid traffic, and a high-performance sales team.

#1 Body Armor Company In The World

We Crafted 3 E-Commerse Funnels

We Ran Paid Traffic at scale With 3x ROAS

We Doubled Conversion Rates

We Built A High-Performance Sales Team

Team Members: Andrew Sabbtatino, Dmitri Smirnov, Dakota Burford, and Antwan Webb

Client Case Study


Our team helped take Mentor Box from an idea with zero revenue to a 3 million dollar a month ($36M a year) membership site in less than 13 months through sales funnels, organic traffic, and paid traffic.

#1 Book Membership Site In The World

We Crafted 3 Membership Site Funnels

We Ran Paid and Organic Traffic Profitably

We Built Email and Text Automation

We Consulted With the C-Suite Team

Team Member: Jonathon Kendall

Client Case Study

The Real Wolf Of Wall Street

Our team helped Jordan Belfort build his offer, business model, and marketing strategy which has enabled him to scale his training, speaking, and consulting business to well over $10,000,000 a year in annual revenue.

#1 Sales Trainer In World

We Crafted And Deployed Marketing Strategy

We Built 4 High-Converting Sales Funnels

We Crafted Paid And Organic Traffic Strategy

We Built CRM and Automation

Team Members: Dmitri Smirnov, Dakota Burford, and Jonathon Kendall

Meet Our Leadership Team

Luxvoni has amassed a team of headhunted subject matter experts that have decades of experience in building wildly successful product and service-based businesses.

With our dedicated team of 50+ top-tier marketing professionals, you can rest assured that we have the experience, dedication, and talent to accommodate all of your internet marketing needs.

Our team has been featured in every major publication that you can imagine, we were ranked the #1 Done-For-You Sales Funnel Agency in America, and we are one of few agencies that are endorsed directly by Clickfunnels.com

Why Work With Us

Trusted By The Elite

Luxvoni is endorsed directly by click funnels and are openly promoted as the best funnel builder by influential personalities worldwide.

Impeccable Track Record

Luxvoni is the only Funnel Agency in the world that has built and scaled twenty-six 7-figure funnels and nine 8-figure funnels.

Scalable Optimization

Luxvoni isn’t a small start-up, it’s an established organization with real teams, talent, and expertise to ensure your success at any costs.

Funnels That Converts

Luxvoni employs data-driven strategies that produce real results, refined over 10+ years of optimizing funnels, ads, and sales teams

High-Converting Copy

Luxvoni crafts and deploys sales copy that’s based on human psychology to ensure high conversion, sales, and profitability

Wildly Profitable Ads

Luxvoni is responsible for creating some of the highest ROAS campaigns that modern day direct response marketing has ever seen.

Check Out Our Results

Scaled Online Course From 0 to $24,000,000

In One Year

An influencer came to us with an idea to build a successful course teaching people how to build a successful marketing agency. We deployed a sales funnel stack and paid traffic. Within 18 months we generated over $24,000,000 in online sales for our client.

$5 Million Dollars/Month With

A $1,900.00 Physical Product

A founder of an eCommerce brand came to us with no sales funnel and zero google advertising. Now their e-commerce sales funnel and google advertisements generate $50,000,00 a year in annual revenue.

$1 Million Dollars/Month With

A High-Ticket Marketing Agency

A founder of a high-ticket marketing agency came to us with $82,000 in monthly revenue. We deployed our famous Luxvoni Sales Funnel Stack, Paid Traffic, and a high-performance sales team. 11 Months later our client was generating over $1,000,000 a month in sales with a 37% profit margin.

480 High-Value Consultations

Per Month For A Law Firm

An attorney came to us with an old website and no paid traffic sources. We deployed a sales funnel stack and paid traffic. He had 480 prospects schedule zoom calls with his staff from our efforts and was able to convert 16% into high-value retainers.

$402,926 Dollars From Only $48,274 Ad Spend

In 3 Months

A founder of an eCommerce Supplement store came to us with a traditional Shopify store. We built 3 eCommerce funnels that increased his conversation rate from 1.1% to 7.4%, which skyrocket their ROAS and profitability.

70 High-Net Worth Leads Per Month For A Financial Advisor

A financial advisor came to us and was sick of being taken advantage of by lead vendors. We built a lead generation business that generated and sold high-net-worth leads back to the financial advisor to keep his broker's compliance department at bay.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Over 260+ Five Star Reviews From Entrepreneurs Just Like You.

Tony Robbins’ - Former Sales Director

Former Copywriter at ClickFunnels.Com

Kent Clothier’s Media Buyer

Cameron Fous - IKNK Trading

Caroline Castille Clickable Impact

Jay Strand Light Speed VT

Jon Talarico - Akon's Performance Coach

Nick Cooper - Kesha's Vocal Coach

“You Don’t Have To Look Any Further”

Working with Luxvoni has been a breath of fresh air. They are extremely talented, very professional, and super creative.

If your looking for a results-driven marketing partner, you don’t have to look any further. They come as advertised.


Kent clothier



“Luxvoni rises above the rest”

As a member of Russel Brunson's Inner Circle Mastermind, I've encountered my fair share of Funnel Builders, Luxvoni rises above the rest due to their expertise in design, copywriting, funnel creation, and paid traffic.

I'd highly recommend Luxvoni to anyone who's looking to scale their business online.


Carrie Boyd



“Luxvoni rises above the rest”

As a member of Russel Brunson's Inner Circle Mastermind, I've encountered my fair share of Funnel Builders, Luxvoni rises above the rest due to their expertise in design, copywriting, funnel creation, and paid traffic.

I'd highly recommend Luxvoni to anyone who's looking to scale their business online.


Carrie Boyd




Jordan Belfort

The Wolf Of Wallstreet

I hired Luxvoni in 2018 to help me scale numerous online ventures; I was very impressed with their ability to turn large visions into a reality while also generating profitable revenue in the short term. These guys are world-class.


Sean Volser

Founder of Increase Academy

Luxvoni has built some of the most successful funnels that internet marketing has ever seen. It’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. These guys have done an incredible job building such a talented team. If your looking for a results-driven done-for-you funnel team, they're not an option, they are the only option.


Brad Lea

 CEO of Lightspeed VT

“Smart people learn from other's mistakes. Stupid people learn from their own. Why not take advantage of Luxvoni’s years of experience in running funnels and traffic to learn all the secrets and hacks that allow them to get more return on money than you can”


Marques Odgen

Retired NFL Player

Working with luxvoni has been a great experience. They are professional and competent, and most importantly they have their client's best interests at heart. Luxvoni was the missing piece my business needed in order to scale. They’ve exceeded our expectations and they will do the same for you.

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Businesses looking to understand their increased revenue potential with funnels, traffic, and conversion rate optimization.

Businesses looking to generate high-quality leads for their sales team.

Still Have Questions?



Which Sales Funnels Does Luxvoni Have Experience In Building?

• High-Ticket Sales Funnels

• Phone-Call Sales Funnels

• Real Estate Sales Funnels

• Courseware Sales Funnels

• Consulting Sales Funnels

• Coaching Sales Funnels

• Credit Repair Sales Funnels

• Ecommerce Sales Funnels

• Book Sales Funnels

• SAAS Sales Funnels

• Email Sales Funnels

• Agency Sales Funnels

• Fitness Funnels

• Health Care Sales Funnels

• Insurance Sales Funnels

• Financial Advisor Sales Funnels

• Mastermind Sales Funnels

• Event Sales Funnels

• Webinar Sales Funnels

• Medical Practice Sales Funnels

• Chiropractor Sales Funnels

• Podcast Sales Funnels

• Construction Sales Funnels

• Capital Raise Sales Funnels

• Plastic Surgeon Sales Funnels

• Dentist Sales Funnels

• Auto Dealership Sales Funnels

• Attorney Sales Funnels

I Don’t Have A Sales Funnel Strategy Yet, Can Luxvoni Help Me Figure It Out?

Yes, please schedule a marketing strategy session above and we’d be happy to provide you with a proven two-comma club Sales Funnel Strategy.

Will Luxvoni Build My Sales Funnel From Scratch?

Yes, we do not provide any of our private clients with funnel templates. All of our funnels are built from scratch inside of photoshop and hosted in Clickfunnels, Go-High-Level, Shopify, or WordPress using custom HTML and CSS.

Will Luxvoni Provide The Sales Copy For My Sales Funnel?

Yes, we have four full-time copywriters on our team. Our copywriters have spent decades mastering the art of writing words that persuade, motivation, and influence so rest assured, we have you covered.

How Long Will It Take For Luxvoni To Build My Sales Funnel?

On average it takes 7-14 business days for us to design, develop, and deliver a fully customized Sales Funnel. All of our Sales Funnels also include; email automation, text message automation,  custom CRM, and webhosting. Pretty crazy, right?

Does Luxvoni Also Run Ads?

Yes, we have a very strict criteria when it comes to campaigns that we manage, but if you are accepted as a private client we don’t just manage it, we scale it!

Will Luxvoni Help Me Launch My Funnel?

Yes, we are done-for-you service. We architect, design, develop, launch, manage, and scale Sales Funnels for our private clients.

Can Luxvoni Build Sales Funnels inside of Clickfunnels, WordPress, Go-High-Level, Kajabi, or Shopify?

Yes, we can build High-Converting Sales Funnels in a variety of platforms. However, we prefer to work inside of Clickfunnels and Go-High-Level.

What if I Already Have A Sales Funnel, Can Luxvoni Help Me Improve It And Scale It?

Yes, if you already have a Sales Funnel we can help you improve your traffic, conversions, and KPI’s on a consulting or done-for-you basis.

Will Luxvoni Cover The Cost Of The Development Of My Marketing Project If Offered A Rev Share On The Success Of The Project?

No...There are hard costs associated with building exceptional customer experiences through Sales Funnels. It’s not our firm's responsibility to cover the development cost for the success of someone else's business. Just like you we’re a business with actual operating cost and we wouldn’t be in business if we serviced people for free. We wouldn’t ask you to give away your products and services for free, so please don’t expect us too!

What Does The Investment Look Like?

We provide our private clients with custom-tailored Sales Funnel Solutions, with custom tailoring comes custom pricing. Unfortunately, It's impossible for us to provide you with an accurate quote without first understanding your offer, business, goals, and budget. We typically ask our potential clients: "How much money do you have set aside for this project?" The purpose of this question is to give us an understanding of what sales funnel strategy will work for your budget, If you cannot tell us "how much you have set aside" it would be unethical for us to even provide you with a Sales Funnel Strategy or Quote. Schedule a Marketing Strategy Session and if we can help you, we’d be happy to provide you with strategy that will work for your budget and the development cost for your project.